From the video author: Corvette’s base price topped $4,000 for the first time. The side cove was no longer available in a contrasting color. The Vette came in hardtop and convertible. Total production for both models amounted to 14,531 units. The only engines for the Corvette was a V8, with 327 cid., but the horsepower ranged anywhere from 250, 300 – 340, and 360. The Vette convertible shown here has been completely converted from the factory version. The gorgeous candy apple red is not a factory color and the upholstery has been updated, and the steering wheel is definitely not factory. The 327 engine was yanked out and replace with a Chevy 350 engine complete with a unusual scoop that protrudes from the hood cut-out. The mag wheels came from a later Vette version. Also, I’m not sure a red convertible top was offered in ’62, but I could be wrong. There are plenty of factory Vettes floating around here and because this one has been modified, it looks somewhat refreshing. Well, the owner transformed it the way he wanted it. Many thanks for viewing this 1962 Corvette convertible.

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