1963 Corvette clutch replacement, part 2 of 5, transmission removal

From the video author: My clutch was slipping in the Vette, all forward gears felt like neutral if you gave it too much gas. I strongly recommend a Made in USA clutch kit, hard to find anywhere these days, but the performance shops still sell them. I’ve been burned a few times by made in China kits, saved a bunch of money at first, but I ended up with really bad clutch chatter. I had to drop the trans again, and install a new clutch kit to fix the chatter. A lot of people online suggested breaking in the clutch, and the chatter would go away, everyone had a good way to do this, none of it worked. Once I drove around with clutch chatter for almost a year in my ’75 Bronco. You absolutely couldn’t start from a standstill without shaking the entire truck, and it never got any better. Once rolling it was fine, but all the cars around me at stoplights must have thought that I was just learning to drive a stick. It was terrible off the line. I’ve learned the hard way to only install clutch kits that are made in the USA. Also, be sure to have your flywheel turned, an extra 35 dollars at the machine shop is better than dropping the trans again…especially in a midyear Vette. The Vette’s frame structure (the non-removable crossmember) makes this a tricky job. You’ll only want to do this once.

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