Driver Left Speechless by a Jerk in a Corvette! Compliments Ensue!

When pulling over for an ambulance, the driver would soon find that someone behind the wheel of a Chevrolet Corvette would follow the emergency vehicle, bypassing other cars in a dangerous way.

As the driver saw this as an injustice, he took the time to pull over and confront the driver of the Corvette, asking why he would pull off such a maneuver.

We’re able to see the odd scenario unfold in the video below as the driver of the dashcam vehicle throws some insults at the Corvette driver then begins to compliment him on his car.

From the video author:

This guy decided it was okay to speed by multiple cars in a construction zone over double yellows. I saw his car sitting in a parking lot like 30 seconds later so I pulled over to see if there was some kind of emergency…turns out he was just a gigantic asshole.

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