Corvette Museum making plans to capitalize on its sinkhole problem

The Bowling Green Daily News

The cliche about turning lemon into lemonade is being realized at the National Corvette Museum, where two of the eight Corvettes swallowed by a sinkhole still can’t be seen.

Outside the Skydome, which is home to the sinkhole, there are stacks of carpet tiles that once covered parts of the floor.

“They are going to sell them,” Mike Murphy said Thursday while showing the Daily News around the hole, which is up to 50 feet deep. "We've had people tell us that they would pay for some of the rocks or a piece of concrete that we might recover."

And the museum is giving serious thought to how they can "tastefully" capitalize on what has been categorized by Corvette lovers as a tragedy, according to marketing director Katie Frassinelli.

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