Visiting the Home of the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

From Welcome Mat to Checkered Flag

By Erick Ayapana
Motor Trend Magazine
February 25, 2014

For Chevrolet Corvette Stingray fanatics, the best welcome mat in America sits in southern Kentucky. It leads you into a modest foyer and through double doors, where you're greeted by multiple copies of the Corvette's mug painted in Torch Red, Arctic White, and Laguna Blue. In the distance, the silhouette of a Stingray-inspired coupe sits under harsh fluorescent lighting, while the roar from an LT1 V-8 coming to life for the first time echoes off the walls. This is the Home of Corvette -- a place where excitement can quickly turn into sensory overload.

We witnessed this during a fast-paced tour of the factory. A group of General Motors employees, including Corvette chief engineer Tadge Juechter, made us feel right at home.

If you've read our coverage of the C7 Corvette, you already know that we like the car a lot. "Refined" and "precise" are just a couple words we've used to describe the brand's flagship sports car and much of that can be attributed to the improvements made at the Corvette factory in Bowling Green, Ky., located about 500 miles south of Motor City and 70 miles north of the home of country music. In preparation for C7 production, GM extensively renovated the factory to the tune of $131 million, almost seven times the amount spent when Bowling Green switched from C5 to C6 mode back in 2005.

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