A 'Vette of many faces

The Wichita Eagle

Jim Tabor's 1958 Corvette was supposed to be a bright-red 409, 4-speed 1962 Chevy Biscayne.

"I sold my '55 Chevy for $550... and put the money down on the 409. I kept checking back and checking back at the dealer, but my car never came in. After several months, I checked with the manager and found out the salesman didn't order my car and spent my money. He was fired right in front of me," Tabor said.

"They credited me and said if there was anything out there on the lot that you like... Well, I started out and I saw this 'Vette that they had just traded for and I turned around and the manager said, 'Take it.' " That was 48 years ago and Tabor has never regretted the strangest car deal of his life.

That's not to say he babied the 230-horsepower, 4-speed 'Vette.

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