Corvette Was Birthday Present From Husband to Wife in 1962

By: Vern Parker
Motor Matters
January 11, 2010

The jury is still out on whether the late John Riddle bought a 1962 Corvette roadster as a birthday present for his wife, Betty, or as a toy for himself.

Regardless, Betty's 25th birthday was Oct. 19, 1962 and she was at home preparing dinner when she was interrupted by a telephone call from her husband. He wanted her to come to the Knapp Chevrolet dealership in downtown Houston to look at a car.

Dinner was on the stove, rain was coming down and she didn't want to go downtown. Her husband, however, wouldn't take no for an answer. When she arrived at the Chevrolet dealership the protective brown paper wrap was being removed from the Corvette.

She was presented with her 3,065-pound present! Her husband had paid $4,407 for the base model silver Corvette. It was the last model Corvette built before the Sting Ray models came out in 1963. The 1962 Corvette is the final version to feature a solid-rear axle, exposed headlights and a wraparound windshield. This Corvette was one of 14,531 manufactured that year set up to deliver 250 horsepower.

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