The Drive Against Cancer

02/02/2010 10:05 PM TV

Thirty-five years ago, John Sweeney fell in love. He admits, she wasn't perfect, but Sweeney knew she had a lot of potential. So he bought her for $1,800.

Obviously, we're not talking about his wife, Mickie. He married her two years later. We're talking about his 1962 Corvette convertible.

"It's really a classic design. I looked at a number of cars and I looked at this one and the price was right so I just got it," John said.

Mickie liked it too. In fact, they had their first date in it.

"Oh, I married him for the car. He's a really cute guy and handsome anyway, but when I saw that car, yeah, I want this guy," Mickie said.

The two always had dreams of restoring the Corvette, but just never seemed to have the money to get it done.

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