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    The Cianciolo’s 1967 Corvette has an interesting history

    The Cianciolo’s 1967 Corvette has an interesting history

    Kansas City Star

    This 1967 Corvette has an unusual history because it was used for research and development by the Chevrolet Engineering Division. Photo: Tom Strongman

    Cars in general, and Corvettes in particular, have long been a part of John and Brenda Cianciolo’s life. They own a pristine 1967 and a 1958 that is the process of being restored, but they have also owned a 1961, a 1965, a 1967 and a 1972. Must be some fiberglass and V-8 juice in their blood.

    John’s first project was a 1953 five-window GMC pickup. The second restoration project, in 1978, was a 1966 Pontiac GTO like the one Brenda drove in high school.

    “We had just bought a house, and because I wanted to put as much down as I could, we had $312 left in the bank,” John said. “A friend called and said he knew about a ’66 GTO convertible that had been tapped in the back and needed some work. He said we could get the car for $300. I thought, ‘How can I tell my wife about it when we only have $312 in the bank?’

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