Exclusive first test-drive of the new 1961 Corvette

Wednesday, September 4, 2013
Hover Motor Company

There was plenty of excitement on the streets of Kansas City this week when we were given the key to one of the first 1961 Corvettes in town. No, this isn’t a complete overhaul of America’s only true sports car, but people certainly noticed the changes. Never have we had a car that drew such a crowd everywhere it went. The Corvette continues to be an object of desire for many, and after our time behind the wheel, we can easily see why.

Appearance-wise, the changes are minimal but dramatic. Gone are the elongated, red plastic-covered taillights. They have been replaced by four round units that are recessed in a new “duck tail” design. The lenses are identical to those that appeared in the full-sized Chevrolet back in 1958, but have a completely different look here. The exhaust has been rerouted from the bumpers to a more conventional, under-the-car exit location.

Up front you will find a stylish mesh grille treatment. The chrome “teeth” that have defined this car’s looks from its inception are gone. You will also notice that the headlight bezels are now painted body color. We thought that it was an attempt to save some money, but Chevrolet claims it gives the Corvette a cleaner, more European flair. A large bracket with chrome bumperettes continues to house the license plate.

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