Mark Reuss and his 1954 Corvette

A vintage Vette, a labor of love and a fume-filled kitchen

By: Mark Reuss on 12/24/2013

Editor's note: When the C7 Corvette stomped the competition in our Best of the Best voting, we thought it might be fun to look at a vintage Vette. Then we found out General Motors North America president Mark Reuss has a '54. Perfect! Reuss is a car guy's car guy—an engineer and enthusiast running a car company. We asked him to write about his car. Here's his story.

When I told fellow car enthusiasts I'd begun restoring a 1954 Corvette, I was most often asked “Where'd you find the time?” … followed by, “Why not a '53?”

The answer is, as we say in the car business, affordability. 1954 was the largest production run of the C1 body style's three-year life span, at a little more than 3,600 units. So, it's not the first, not the last and not the rarest. Hence, it's the most affordable.

I did get something rare, though, and something I wanted most: a black one. They only cranked out a few black '54s from the Corvette factory in St. Louis, and I just think the car looks fantastic.

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