USA-made Corvette's like a piece of rare art

by Joel Gould
The Chronicle

THE rock star Prince famously had a major hit with a song about a red Corvette.

But now Thagoona's Trevor Jones' very own C1 1959 Corvette is proving to be a huge hit in car shows across the nation.

Wife Joy gives Trevor a kiss in the morning before he disappears into the back shed where two MG As, a 1960 Jaguar MK 2 and his beloved Corvette live.

The Roman red/white cove coloured Corvette has won a plethora of prestigious awards.

The body of the car was in immaculate condition when Trevor bought it in 2011.

But being a mechanic and a stickler for originality, he dismantled the engine and rebuilt it.

"I have always wanted a '58 or '59 Corvette," Trevor says.

"I actually found it on the internet through Kompact Kar Korner in America.

"The story of the car is that in the financial crisis over there, the guy that was having it restored went broke and lost his collection.

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