Hey everyone.
I'm having electrical issues with my 76 Vette.
I turn on the vette and press the brake pedal and the driver side brake light works but is dim. So I replaced the all of the bulbs.
It still is dim.
I replaced the brake switch and it's the same, dim.

I turn on the headlights and press the brake pedal and the passenger side brake light is bright and works but now the drivers side brake light won't turn on. (but when I turn off the headlights the brakelight works but is still dim)
I walk around to the front and the driverside headlight is out. I step on the dimmer switch and the all headlights (high and Lows work fine.) So i replaced the headlight switch. Still the same problem.
Now what should I be looking for? I checked all the fuses and they are good.
What would an easy solution be? Or hell any course of action.
As you can imagine I can't drive the Vette in it's current state. Please help!