steering column trouble-5nd5le5k73e43jb3n7c6q4ab0a15652e913e9-jpg

steering column trouble-5l25gf5k93kc3i13nac6q98a9007540121de1-jpg I just bought a 75 stingray july 16 2012! It was shipped to me so i never saw the vette in person b4. Anywho, my steering column is loose i can move it up & down, side to side. How do i fix this. I dont have any manuals for it just yet. I paid $4,000. for her.She has 89,000miles. Has new stainless exhaust,new cap,rotor,plugs,wires. But shes too quiet! I need some low sounding throaty pipes for her. cant wait to start fixin her up! Here sum pics of her! Thank you vetteTube for all your help in this matter.