I am installing a better rear hatch window in my '85. The existing rear window derfoster is missing the attaching wires as well as having separated wires that run up and down the glass. What I would like to do is swap out the panel that attaches to the rear hatch, being that it is painted and already matches the car color. Has anyone else ever done this? I remover the screws, washers & rubber seals/washers(between the glass and metal washers. With these all removed, I am still unable to remove the panel from the glass. I tried using plastic putty knives in an effort to separate the glass, but no good. I have tried applying heat from a heat gun, set on low heat--for fear of cracking the old glass. It appears to be working, but is a slow pace. Does anyone know if there's some kind of adhesive used for this assembly? I've tried looking in an overhaul manual, but haven't found anything discussing breaking this assembly down. I understand being patient, but feel that there still must be a better and faster way. Any concerns or better ideas would be greatly appreciated.