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    Quote Originally Posted by C2C3C4 View Post
    Holly Cow!!!! that makes me glad that I have what I have. Would you have to take the engine out to do the plugs? It looks like that's an "F" body car. Tomorrow I will attempt (again) to do mine. All I have to do is thread that stupid plug in there and I am done. It sounds simple enough, but I am scared that I will cross-thread it in that aluminum head! Thanks for the pictures, I don't know how an engineer would let that go out the door of the factory knowing that it is impossible to put plugs in it.
    I didn't take the engine out,Might have been easier!!
    It's a Ford Expedition with a 5.4, What a Piece of Crap you have to remove the fuel rails to get the coils out so you can get a 3 inch extension down to the plugs recessed in the heads!!Passenger side you have to remove the injectors to because of all the other stuff in the way!!You'll get it,I can change out a set in about a hour and a half!!But I've changed out Hundreds!!!You'll get faster at it once you have your system down pat!!

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    Well boys I finally got it in and threaded!! I had to remove the nut on the motor mount on the passenger side and jack up the engine as far as I could. That allowed me to get my hand in there and thread that plug in and torque it to 15 lbs. I used a short piece of 3/8 hose (2") on the plug and reached over from the drivers side with my left hand and BINGO!!! it threaded in. Boy was I happy. I couldn't sleep last night, thinking about how I was going to get that stupid spark plug in! I got up at 3:00 this morning and went out to the garage, by 4:30 that damn plug was in there!!! So now it is all together, but I have not started it. I will put all the panels on that I took off, and tighten all the bolts and nuts that I removed in this crazy saga.

    I want to thank EVERYONE on this forum for the information, tips, pictures, and encouragement!!! That means a lot to a 65 yr old do-it-yourselfer!!!

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