Whatever happened to . . . the 1984 Corvette converted into a patrol car?

Monday, June 09, 2008

The hot rod didn't work as a police car and was sold at an auction in 2003 - 10 years after the Police Department snatched it from a dope dealer.

The car was confiscated and forfeited to the city when the pusher was convicted.

The Corvette, beige at the time, was used by undercover narcotics detectives for a while until dope slingers caught on. Instead of the car landing on the auction block, a Cleveland body shop painted it for free.

The city slapped on police decals, and the hot rod hit the streets. The black and white Corvette was originally assigned to the Traffic Unit.

It was assigned on merit to officers and first tooled around the Old Brooklyn neighborhood. But shortly after the car was converted into a cruiser, its engine, transmission, suspension and exhaust experienced problems.

The Corvette was no longer useful for traffic enforcement, said Lt. Thomas Stacho, police spokesman. The department then assigned the vehicle to the Community Policing Unit, where it continued to have problems.

The department considered fixing it but soon learned that the costs exceeded its value, Stacho said. The Corvette was sold at an auction for $4,300.

- Mark Puente