We just launched a 100% free national car show registry called www.carshowfinder.org

Being a Muscle car enthusiast myself, I loved to stroll around local car shows on Saturday night. Problem was that it was never easy to find the event dates and locations easily. Sure I knew of the regular shows in my area, but never knew when a new event had been organized.

So I created a Car Show website were you can promote your Auto Show for free to a national and local audience. Visitors to the site can search for events local to them by state or city. Promoters can simply create an account with nothing more than an email address and password, from there they can add as many car show events as they like.

If you are an organizer or promote a Car Show or Auto Event please go to the site (www.carshowfinder.org) and add your event.

The site is brand new, so let me know if you see any issues.