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Vette Tray 2...

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Thread: Vette Tray 2...

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    Vette Tray 2...

    We just released our new Vette Tray for the C5 Z06....We incorporated all the feedback we have gotten from customers on our original Vette Tray and used them to produce the Vette Tray 2.

    Made of MDF Board, it is a very solid solution that weighs in at 23lbs. It is cut to fit the C5 Z06 and FRC perfectly with two compartments that are virtually hidden to casual eyes peering in.

    Carpeted inside and out, it is an excellent storage solution for the C5 Z06/FRC. It also can be used with or without a partition and is compatible with most all partitions on the market today (fully compatible with all Southern Car Parts Corvette Z06/FRC partitions).

    Check it out here...

    Corvette C5 Z06/FRC Vette Tray 2

    If you are looking for the C5 Coupe (07-04 non Z06) version, it is below....

    Corvette C5 Coupe Vette Tray

    On Sale till Dec 31st for 249.99 shipped with the C5 Z06 Partition!!!!

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    These trays sell out faster than we can make them, and have been on backorder for a few weeks. We just got all caught up this week though, and even a little ahead of ourselves, so we wanted to pass the word on! Order yours today and see it ship out in just a few business days, and within 5-7 Business days you'll have the best Corvette Tray that exists on the market today!


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