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    Oil pressure Gauge

    Greetings!Recent arrival to Vette Tube and I already have a problem question to anyone able. Prior to storing my Baby away for the long winter my oil pressure gauge Max'd out to 80 and has stayed there ever since.I changed the sending unit (above the filter)and the oil and filter because I was there anyway.No change.Then I read that there's a sending unit under the manifold also? Is that right,is that where my problem lies? It's not the gauge cluster I hope Won't get to it till the spring,but I was just hoping it's not something to serious. Thanks

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    Yes, you need to replace the sending unit.

    <rant on>
    You can either go through all the hassle of taking off the intake manifold, or you can hack a hole in the fiberglass, below the plastic cowl cover, and replace the sending unit more easily in the future, as they are always going bad, until you get a good one and it may last a few years.
    <rant off>

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    oil pressure

    The intake manifold is not that hard to remove, the biggest pain in the you know what is the small hard plastic vacuum line you have to reconnect at the back end of the manifold. You can cut a hole and remove sending unit with a deep socket, or you can re-locate the sending unit to the right front side of the engine and just have to remove the tire to gain access to it. Somebody out there sells a extension wiring harness that plugs right in, no need to splice any wires. Hope this helps. Regards Marty

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