SouthernCarParts and Lloyd's Mats have teamed up to create a Custom One-of-a-Kind Cargo mat for the C5 FRC and Z06 - This solution is sold exclusively through SouthernCarParts!!!

Do you have a C5 FRC or Z06 with either a Lloyd’s cargo mat and/or partition?

Southern Car Parts now offers a cargo mat solution that is completely compatible with almost all other FRC/ZO6 vertical partitions on the market.

Our solution is a cargo mat that has been modified to accommodate the partition. Everything is professionally done and looks great!

The standard FRC/Z06 Lloyds cargo mat makes the partition fit VERY tight and sometimes renders the partition unusable. Our custom Lloyds cargo mat allows for a perfect fit with the partition and centers the Z06 or C5 Crossed Flag emblem in the trunk area.

We have also bundled with it our 3 trunk area compartment covers to cover the compartment areas in the rear of the Z06/FRC.

The cargo mat and compartment covers CAN be removed without having to remove the partition. This is a super slick way to dress up the trunk area of your C5 FRC/Z06 while still having a partition in place. This solution also works with our popular Vette Tray Cargo Organizer.

This is a ONE OF A KIND solution only available from Southern Car Parts

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Corvette C5 Z06 Compartment Covers and Cargo Mat