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    Brembo GT Brake Upgrade Center

    We all know the Brembo GT Monobloc brake kits are considered one of (if not the best) brake kits you can put on any car (Corvette included). Spend a day at any local track event and you will quickly see how many Vette enthusiasts have upgraded to the Monobloc Brembos. Most high end sports cars come with the Brembo's as OEM equipment.

    We have put together the "Brembo GT Upgrade Center"...Only GT Brembo Brakes, 2 piece floating rotors, monobloc calipers, Goodridge SS brake lines, pre-loaded pads, etc....all in one kit specific for your car. Everything listed is the best (other the than GT-Racing kits which are for the professional racer) and is the correct part number for your vehicle.

    Organized by vehicle and then by front and rear kits..

    Then the best part, every kit is on sale and most all are in stock ready to roll (just in time to get you that last minute X mas gift that you earned all year ). Also have free shipping on every kit....

    Check it out below....

    Brembo GT Brake Upgrade Center

    Scroll down to the bottom to choose your vehicle.

    Only focusing on the Corvette, Camaro, Challenger, and Viper right now (all worthy choices )

    any feedback, feel free to let me know....


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    Some of these kits are ready for shipping. Those which aren't immediately ready can also be purchased and will be produced in an expedient manner. For ordering information or with any questions you might have please visit our website or give us a phone call at (770)919-1433.


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