This isn't your father's Corvette

60th anniversary edition comes with a lot more horsepower than the original

By Brendan McAleer, The Delta Optimist September 21, 2012 2:06 AM

Sixty years ago (if we measure time in model years), Chevrolet introduced a legend to the world. A response to the success of European sports cars, the first Corvettes were breathtakingly beautiful - pure-white confections of chrome and fibreglass. They were also kinda slow.

Powered by a 150hp inline-six, the original '53 'Vette had a two-speed automatic transmission and a solid rear axle. Performance? Well, 0-100 km/h would take you a lei-surely 11 seconds or so; not bad for the time, but any ex-G.I. with a hopped-up 'Deuce coupe would blow your doors off.

Six decades later, here we have a car boasting a seven-litre V-8 engine cranking out a whopping 505hp. With carbon-fibre body panels keeping the weight down, it'll blitz to 100 klicks in under four seconds, run down the quarter-mile in the mid-11second range and keep on going until it cracks 300 km/h, or until your head falls off.

Clearly, some improvements have been made in the intervening six generations of Corvette-building. As a last of the breed for the C6, GM has rolled out this special-edition convertible, the 427 Convertible Collector edition.

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