427 hits all the right sweet spots

Track-ready status and additional muscle makes this 60th Anniversary ’Vette one for the ages

By Andrew McCredie, Vancouver Sun October 11, 2012

Sigmund Freud died 14 years before the Corvette was unleashed on the world, so we’ll never know for certain what the father of psychoanalysis would have had to say about Chevy’s iconic two-seater.

We do, however, have the theories of dime-store shrinks who have speculated for decades that the desire to own and to drive a Corvette is to make up for, how shall we say it, a shortcoming of sorts.

Well, after driving this special 60th anniversary edition for a week around Metro Vancouver, I’ve got just two words for those 20th Century pop psychiatrists: Compensate This!

I can honestly say I haven’t had as much fun driving a car in years as I did in this convertible, and that includes many hours behind the leather steering wheels of high-end German and Italian sports cars on race tracks.

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