If you're looking to upgrade the braking system of your Corvette, high-performance rotors are an absolute must--and the Corvette Two Piece Performance Baer EradiSpeed Rotors are the perfect option for you.

Featuring durable and powerful component materials, Baer makes a number of EradiSpeed Rotors that work perfectly with the base C6 Corvette. All EradiSpeed rotors listed on our website
will fit perfectly behind the stock wheels, including the 14" rotor diameter upgrade kits. These kits utilize a new Caliper Bracket to reseat the stock caliper such that it will fit a full 14" rotor. The extra diameter provides enhanced leverage for the caliper and improved braking performance as a result.

All Baer EradiSpeed Corvette Rotors are two-piece rotors.
The two-piece design is the ideal design for a performance brake rotor as it helps to reduce rotor weight and increase rotor strength. Baer's EradiSpeed rotors are a fantastic performance option for your C6 Corvette to help bring the car to a stop much more quickly and improve your confidence behind the wheel. Available for base C6 Corvettes with both the standard and Z51 brake packages.

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Corvette C6 Baer EradiSpeed Rotors

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