After 60 years, Corvette still shines

Posted on Sat, Nov. 24, 2012 12:00 AM
The Kansas City Star

Sixty years is a long time for a honeymoon, but for Corvette lovers, the fascination with Chevroletís iconic sports car is just as vivid now as ever was. Maybe more so.

The 2013 Grand Sport is but one example of why this car is so beloved by aficionados. It has brute looks, excellent road holding and a nicer cabin. The cherry on top of the sundae is the 6.2-liter, 436-horsepower LS3 V-8 that stands ready to turn the tire treads to road dust whenever you please.

Naysayers will complain that the fiberglass-bodied Corvette is not as refined as some of its higher-priced competitors, and while there is a smidgen of truth there, the Corvette is capable of serving up acceleration and handling that can humble many cars costing tens of thousands more.

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