Elderly man totals limited edition $75,000 Corvette after trying to drive through Arizona floodwaters and getting washed a mile downstream
  • The unidentified man is lucky to be alive after getting caught up in dangerous floodwaters on Sunday
  • But his prized 2013 limited 60th anniversary edition Corvette - valued at $75,000 - is ruined after getting washed downstream for a mile

By David Mccormack
Daily Mail Online
PUBLISHED: 08:19 EST, 23 July 2013

An elderly man is lucky to be alive after foolishly attempting to drive his low slung $75,000 Corvette through extremely dangerous floodwaters in Arizona.

The incident happened on Sunday morning after a storm rolled through the Phoenix area bringing half an inch of rain and heavy runoff from nearby mountains filled the usually dry wash.

While most drivers turned around when the saw the approaching waters, the unidentified man attempted to keep driving his sports car but ended up getting carried downstream.

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