Wanna be a Race Car Driver?

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Source: General Motors

Race car drivers Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson know something about speed. In fact, the two NASCAR Cup Champions recently purchased their new everyday car, the Corvette ZR-1.

Capable of doing 200 miles per hour, the ZR-1 is the fastest, most expensive production 'Vette of all time. But, it's not just for race car drivers - anyone with a need for speed can get behind the wheel. And as an added bonus, new owners will get the same VIP treatment as Gordon and Johnson.

Through a special delivery program, buyers can actually pick up their new car at the National Corvette Museum. A VIP tour of the museum also includes an inside look at the production line at the Corvette factory across the street. Approximately 35,000 Corvettes are sold every year and nearly 1,100 customers choose to pick them up at the museum.