First drive: 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

C7 Corvette a showcase for the very best of GM

By John LeBlanc, Postmedia News

MONTEREY, CALIF. — As the American alternative to fancier foreign sports cars, it’s been “us against the world” for Chevrolet’s Corvette since the first model debuted in the early 1950s. And now, six decades and seven generations later, the new 2014 Corvette is once again targeted at both the 'Vette faithful and snobby sports car buyers who won’t buy anything but Porsches and Jaguars.

As one of the most anticipated new car debuts this year, you may already have the basic intel on the all-new (Chevrolet says only two parts carryover from the 2013 model) 2014 ‘Vette. The seventh-generation (or C7) Corvette sports new carbon fibre body panels, the return of the Stingray name for the base models, a more upscale interior, new gearboxes and an all-new eight-cylinder gas engine that offers more oomph yet sips less fuel.

And as General Motors’ technological showpiece, the two-passenger, rear-wheel-drive 2014 Corvette Stingray comes packed with world-class high-tech goodies that any sports car snob should appreciate.

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