How white-haired 'Vette owners helped shape Stingray's design

by Mike Colias,
Automotive News

MONTEREY, Calif. -- About four years ago, when General Motors designers were just starting on the seventh-generation Corvette, Ed Welburn had something of an epiphany while watching his local news.

GM's global head of design happened to catch a segment on a Corvette club gathering at a local Chevrolet dealership. He doesn't recall what the story was about. But one detail stood out: All of the club members had white hair.

"That's what really did it for me," Welburn told me this week while riding shotgun as I drove the 2014 Corvette Stingray through barren coastal mountains during Chevy's media test drive here. "I knew that we had to do something that appeals to younger buyers and to more international buyers."

That partly inspired Welburn to conduct an unprecedented global call for proposals from GM designers scattered across studios from Brazil to India to Korea.

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