What Driving A 2014 Corvette Taught Me About Freedom

Máté Petrány on Jalopnik

As a European, apart from eating double bacon cheeseburgers and drinking more coffee than ever before in your life, the best way to get the feel of the United States in to drive iconic American cars. In my case this was driving a 2014 Chevrolet Corvette while shouting 'Murica, **** yeah!

If it's your first time in the US with the aim of meeting your fellow Jalops at the Gawker HQ in Lower Manhattan and you happened to spend the first two and a half years of your life behind the Iron Curtain, the number of communist jokes flying around is surprisingly high. That's okay though. As a European, you find enough things to make fun of too just by looking around on the street. Most American cars from the last four decades provide an easy target. But instead of playing the ******* angle, how about checking out the good stuff?

Travis asked me on Monday if I wanted to drive the new Corvette, and since I responded in the only possible way, he got me one by Thursday. GM was nice to us, really. Despite our differences and the issues raised by the combination of ice cold weather and a certain set of Michelin Pilot Super Sports on the car, they trusted us with a ***** magnet velocity yellow Stingray Z51, with a bunch of extras like carbon fiber trim and magnetic suspension thrown in for good measure.

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