Chevrolet Corvette Stingray UK 2014 review

15 Jan, 2014 9:00am Jack Rix
AutoExpress Magazine

The Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is as American as gridiron football, which is why its appeal has never really translated over here.

The all-new C7 Stingray model is as brash as its predecessors, but thanks to improved materials and tech, it finally has a fighting chance to compete with Europeís best sports cars. We drove the first example to arrive in the UK.

Itís important to have a sense of perspective with this car. At £61,495, itís undeniably pricey, but thatís still £177,857 cheaper than the Ferrari F12. And while the thoroughbred Italian supercar has four extra cylinders and a good deal more horsepower, the Corvette isnít far behind whenit comes to automotive theatre.

The styling isnít for the faint-hearted Ė every surface is carved up by creases or punctured with vents, while the swooping dash envelops the driver and gives passengers something to grab. Material quality doesnít match an Audi or Ferrari and the moulding around the tail-lights wobbles when pushed, but the Chevy no longer feels excessively low-rent.

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