Source: Rick Corvette Conti

Looks like we are getting some sort of New Crystal Red ( Addiction Red Tint Coat ) Convertibles will have a Bastille Red Top available, in my opinion this all sounds like a special edition car. Z06 is to get some special editions including one that was noted a C7-R Special Edition.

2 Tone seats are coming back and the ability to get Red or Yellow stitching is also coming back. Again VERY early, so not sure of some of these new options are tied and or limited to the special edition models. I see Z06 getting a couple new wheels, also all models mention a Carbon Fiber Hood, its the old B92 code, being the hoods are carbon fiber already, does this mean an exposed carbon??! If so I see constraints galore already…

A new Stealth High Gloss Carbon Ornament shows available, a New Fusion Gray Hood Stinger Stripe

a new Spice Red interior, a New Black with Sueded seat - again I think this is tied to a special edition car and will not be free flow, plus a Red with Suede seat option

A new full length Satin Black stripe is available, each model shows new wheel codes, plus accessory wheels and only on Z06 a new decal DTD; Decal Top Color and Door, 2 Tone , Spectra Grey (?!)

The other Convertible top color is called Night Shadow Blue

Brownstone interior still available and the Twilight blue comes down from Z06 to the Regular Corvettes

There is a mention of EFR-Exterior Trim Carbon Flash
There is a mention of EFV-Exterior Trim High Gloss Spectra Grey

New Yellow code is GC6 and New Red code is G1E