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    Jungle Fever at 90+

    I have a 383 Lingenfelter built 500HP motor in my 1998 C5 (Torch Red)Convertible! It should be obvious to most if not all Vette owners what happens almost every day when driving this kind of metal! Hondas; wing..wing...Supras; whoosh..whoosh..etc., etc,! I usually let them go unless some idiot is really asking for it!<G> Sometimes however..a phenomena presents it's self that really needs a physcologist to analyse! Case in point:
    Tooling along..aprox. 8MPH (hey..Red car OK?<G>) over the limit; look in my rearview mirror..yup..from WAY back in traffic, weaving in and out..tailgating everyone; driving like a comes......a Porsche..nope..a Ferrari..nope..a Viper...nope..A PLUMBING TRUCK! LOL! He pulls up next to the light with me and does the, what I call the "Jungle Lurch!" A sudden leaping forward a few feet, slamming on the brakes..then jumping forward a few feet again! GROWL!!! "CHALLENGE!!! Real Jungle macho crap! Light turns..I let him go; not gonna lower myself to his level (common'..a plumbing truck..but hey..he coulda' had 1000HP under that rusted and dented hood?)! Next light ..same thing! Revs his motor (more like coughs it) tons of blue smoke billowing out (you know: that 200,000 mile..motor needs a complete rebuild kind of smell) then does 0-60 in about 20 seconds (being generous)! This goes on for almost 4 lights! Guess he thought he was gonna' provoke he huh?
    Well...he did (I know..the shame..lowered myself) But hey..if I hadn't done something re: this situation..he would've killed himself or someone I gave him what he wanted: I PUNCHED IT! 500HP..305-30-19 Michelin Pilot Sport PS2's light up and I was gone (0-60 in aprox. 3.9-4.0 sec. G-Tech Pro)! End of story right? Nope! About 5 minutes later (that's how long it took him (and all the other traffic) to catch up..there he was agin..doing about 90 MPH..blowing by me (called: a "Losers Run")! I LOL..then pulled into a side street to let him go! Didn't want his death/injuries..or other folks! Anyone explain the psycology of these moronic incidents! (Oh..had a bread and a glass delivery truck do the same thing at diff. times)!

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    man you nailed it

    You couldnt have said i better man every time I take my c6 out I get some stupid a#@ import reving and staring at me. Most of the time I wont waste the gas but sometimes I just gotta!!!

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    I think they just want to see you jump on it.

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