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Thread: My yearly race

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    My yearly race

    Besides the Olds, up until recently, I owned a 93 ZR1 and I haven't written many racing stories because I don't race it much. It's pretty plain looking and I've taken all the badges off. No chevy emblems, no Corvette lettering or any of that kind of thing. I guess it's my personal taste. It looks really clean that way. Besides, a sticker doesn't make your car any faster.

    Other than the extra wide rear wheel wells and the different wheels it looks just like any other vette of that era. Without the ZR1 stickers, not so many people want to race ya. A worthwhile relief, believe me.

    Also, it's pretty much stock except for flowmasters and cats along with a ported and polished head job. (lost a couple of valves last year so had it done when the heads were off) I've also added a ram air kit that has the scoop installed where the front license plate used to go. I'm not so sure it does all that much.

    Since I'm an old fart, I don't usually drive fast but one day this last July I was visiting my brother in Billings Mt. The drive over was great. On the way back, I stopped for lunch and got back on the freeway. As I was coming down the on ramp, this red 00 vette was right on my as s. As I merged, he passed me so fast he was a dozen car lengths ahead before I decided to catch up.

    I put my foot into it and started to really move, but, the other vette just sat there maintaining the lead. It was as both of us were kinda suspended in space. Everything else was moving but we weren't.

    I looked at the speedo and it's moving up fast, 105, 107, and I start to look around at the traffic. Nothing ahead but the other vette and nothing behind except a motor home and an 18 wheeler. 135, 137, 145 we're going damn fast, but the car feels solid and the road is
    concrete. Kinda rust colored and stretching off to a slight rise in the distance.

    I decided to quit and then I thought, just a few more seconds. I should be able to beat this guy. I've destroyed lot's of other vettes before but I'm still not catching him.

    155, 158 and then I'm starting to creep up on him. I'd never been this fast in a car before.

    A quick glance at my right leg and I found myself pressing the accelerator so hard that my knee was wobbling back and forth.

    167, 169 and the other vette is just a few car lengths ahead. As I approach his rear quarter I was surprised at how much louder his car was. We were both at 173mph. My car felt smooth as silk. The road stretching out to the rise about a half a mile ahead. I let it ride.

    It topped out at 184mph, indicated. But then I was going up the rise and I started to decelerate a little. The other vette was back about as many lengths as I was when the race began. We both coasted down till we got to 60 or so. The other guy rolls down his window and just yells Woooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My mouth was dry and my legs still shaking. I thought to my self, "you dumb old fool" but then again, what a rush.

    We drove for about another half hour and I just had to get off and take a leak. The guy follows for the inevitable confrontation at the Texaco up ahead.

    The guy comes over as I'm fillin up and just states... "I should have been able to beat you". You must have a big block or had it
    built. I've beat lot's of Vette's before.

    I told him that I was running the same displacement engine as him and that I'd just put some flowmasters on it. Otherwise besides a little head work it was box stock. The guy looks a little perplexed.

    I pop the hood to check the oil and the guy looks at the 32 v engine and then chuckles. WELL,
    I did pretty good then, didn't I? Then he says " if I'd had one of the new Z06's it would have been a different story. Perhaps, I thought to myself. I told him I didn't think I'd be up for a run like that again.

    He kinda laughs and says "now that's the problem with you older guys". The excitement involved is something else. "You just don't understand".
    I tell him, "not true" I understand, I just forgot.

    We part company and he yells back that when he get's his flowmasters I'd better look out. I nodded and smiled. It's funny the things you think of later.

    There were more rabbits running across the road in that area of the State than you can imagine. I even hit one that evening after my race. At 70 it smashed my right driving light and damaged the air conditioning radiator.

    Would I do it again? I don't is like a drug. I think I'm hooked all over again. Still, if it were one of my kids I'd a chewed his butt good.
    I've since sat myself down and had a long talk with my inner demons....
    Next time I think I'll take it to the track.

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