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Thread: Kill Story?

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    Kill Story?

    I've posted this on a few boards but here it goes......

    It's kinda sad that you can get so out of touch as you get older. At 64, I guess I'm out of touch pretty bad.
    In some cases it's even hard to understand what some of the younger people are saying.
    My Brother and I are discussing this very thing as we're cruising through town in my Dodge truck on our way back to the Ranch.
    My Bro is a few years younger than me and a little bit more in touch with what's going on in
    the "world".
    He's still working and gets to talk to real people every day.
    My Dodge is a One Ton, V 10 with Duelies. It's had a three inch exhaust system and
    Flowmasters added along with a chip and a few other goodies.
    Nothing to make it fast, mind you, just something to help with the 12 mpg mileage.
    It's also a 4X. Nice but not used much......

    As we're sitting at a busy intersection with turn signals, this older Mustang pulls up.
    It sounded like a small block V8 with some pretty loud pipes.
    It had this God awful ground effects kit and a bunch of Japanese symbols on the window. I won't get started on the wing..........
    Anyway, the guy has his tunes loud enough to make something rattle in my door from the bass response.

    I yell over the noise to my Bro to open the glove box and hand me a tape cassette I have hidden.
    "What's this" , Bro asks.
    "Aw, it's some Indian Peyote Chants I got when we were running the Vette over on the Reservation last year".
    In goes the tape and on comes the tom toms and rattles and some guy........hea ya hea hea hea ya ya ...
    I run the volume on my Kenwood up full and the 250 watts permeates the cabin.
    The young guys in the Mustang turn theirs down and the passenger leans out and yells,
    "Yo, Dawg, WazzupMain"?
    I turn the Chant down a bit and the young fellow says, "Wazzat U chillin too"?
    "Aw, that's Indian rap Man", says I.
    The young guy wearing an upside-down Golf visor with the bill at Four O'clock comments,
    "Indian Raps da sheeat, Main".
    I turn to my Bro and say, "did you hear what he said"? Did you HEAR???
    Bro chuckles and says, "he's paying it a complement you Old Fart. Say the same thing back about his car".

    I shrug and comment that it's a nice piece of ****e that he's driving right back at him.
    Hostile!! Not only did he flip me off he calls my Dodge and Old slow Grampaw mobile....
    The lights about to change and I just can't let that go so I reach over and drop the Dodge into
    four wheel drive and then into compound LOW.
    Bro's very critical......You're gonna drop your transfer case all over the pavement you twit.
    I ignore him......As the light's changed, I've turned my Baseball cap around backwards so as not
    to pass up any advantages and I put my foot in it.
    As we pass through the first two gears Bro is yelling, "You'll only have a 60 mile an hour top speed!!!
    I think," they don't know that".
    At the top of fourth gear I'm half way to the next light and at least four car lengths ahead of the Mustang.

    No telling how hard it was on the tranny but as the two in the Mustang pulled up to the light, the young guy in
    the golf visor leans out the window and comments "Dat whip is de Bomb, Main, watchagotinit"?
    I point down to the V10 Badge and comment "same kind of engine as a Viper". And then under my breath, "sorta".
    "Thas dope, Main" says the passenger.
    I look at my Bro and say, "there he goes again"....
    Bro says, "tell him his whip is sick". "It's a complement".

    I tell bro to "stuff it" and wave to the two in the Mustang as the light changes.
    Enough of that, I don't want to get "capped by a 9". (heard that on the MTV channel)
    Let's just hit the Tav and drain a few brews....Enough communicating and racing for one day.
    56 Olds 88
    LS1, 4L65E
    Wilwood 13"
    Hydraboost Brakes

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    Now That's A Good Kill Story

    Dog - outstanding story - I'm still rolling on the floor.

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    That is tha shizel.. my nizzle bizzle lizzle.

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