While at Indy in 1981 there was a nationaly known racer trying to pay off some guys to go home. If we left the race the next low qualifers were seeded into the feild. Of coarse I said NO.

After a final time trial just before Eliminations disaster struck , I bent a drive shaft and broke the extension housing on the trans. The next thing I see are the boys walking along and coming to see me, "well are you interested ?" they said. I replyed " how much" to which the guy says "$50" . $50 wasn't much so I said "I have came along way to get here, it's gota be worth $100" the reply was will you split it and I said sure. Now if they had waited about 3 minutes they would have been in as I couldn't have answered the call to the lanes.

I forgot to tell them the car was broke and they didn't ask. Next thing I knew they Red Lighted on the run and had to go home anyways.

The Moral of the story is, never offer a bribe, you may not get much for it.