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    IL: FunFest may move out of Effingham

    FunFest may move out of Effingham

    Angie Faller
    Effingham Daily News

    Mid America Motorworks’ annual Corvette FunFest, often considered the staple end-of-summer event for the Effingham area’s visitor’s season, may be heading to another location next year.

    Mike Yager, owner of Mid America, confirmed Wednesday he is considering moving the 2009 event to a larger city east of Effingham, but he did not want to release details at this time.

    “The event is very expensive to operate, and it doesn’t operate at a profit. We’re not in business to help other businesses gain off of our losses. When we’re ready to make an announcement, we’ll let the newspaper and the radio stations know. We’re still in negotiations,” Yager said.

    The 15th Annual Corvette FunFest 2008 will be held from Friday, Sept. 19, through Sunday, Sept. 21, and will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Corvette Challenge Race Series.

    Norma Lansing, president of the Greater Effingham Chamber of Commerce & Industry, said she didn’t know what kind of an economic impact the loss of the event would bring, but she doesn’t want to see it go.

    “We certainly want to see it stay here. I think it does benefit the community in a lot of ways, and it certainly does bring a lot of national attention to Effingham,” she said.

    According to a press release from Mid America, the 2007 event brought in more than 45,000 people and 15,000 Corvettes to Effingham, which reaps the benefits from filled hotel rooms and restaurants.

    In past years, however, there have been complaints from FunFest attendees that local hotel owners spike their rates during the customer appreciation event.

    Tuesday, the Effingham City Council approved an agreement with Sportsimpacts to conduct an economic impact study that would gauge the local economic effects of The Rosebud Theatre and a major sporting event in Effingham to study the feasibility of a proposed Effingham Sports and Recreation Center.

    Commissioner Merv Gillenwater pointed out with added labor costs, the $12,000 study could cost an additional $800 to $1,600.

    While considering the extra expense, Gillenwater wanted to know how the study would be used.

    Mayor John Lange said a major event coming this month is considering leaving Effingham for another location, and the results could be useful in determining the economic impact of that event.

    “If we have to do a little bargaining with the event, I want to know what kind of money we would have to spend to keep it. It’s highly important to keep that event in Effingham,” Lange said during the meeting.

    Lange said Wednesday morning he heard last week the Corvette FunFest might be leaving Effingham.

    “The only thing I can do for the city is do whatever I can do to keep that here. Nobody wants to lose an event like this. He’s (Yager) got one of the finest car shows in the state of Illinois, and as a mayor, I will work with the city to do whatever I can to keep it here,” he said.

    Angie Faller can be reached at 217-347-7151 ext. 131 or

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    Hotel Rates

    I haven't made it to the event yet. 2009 is a good possiblity. Know though that hotel owners can set their rates how they want. In fact may base the rate on the occupancy rate. The first room rented for any given day is cheaper and the last is the most expensive. Airline tickets work the same way. No, I don't own a hotel, but I stay in them 25-30% of my time. That's just how it is.

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