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Thread: What sup all

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    What sup all

    Morning all. I'm new to this site. I have a 69 corvette conv with hard top also,350/350 4sp loaded I bought in 1975 and been in garage for 28 years because had a rusty frame. Bought a frame for 69 and blasted it and coated and painted and done nothing sence. Just recently bought a 74 burnt inside car,has no motor or tranny,but has many parts I need and another frame. So needless to say will have some extra parts when done and a frame to sell also..My first wife hated it,and always said for 18 years,if you sell it we could have this or that,well needless to say and after my divorse my new wife wants me to get back to restoring it,and I'm ready,so you might hear alot from me...philip

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    Hi Philip,

    Welcome to VetteTube!

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