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    Thanks for welcome

    Hi Guys, I hope to have a picture up of my "70" coupe soon. I'm an old Vette nut that has some how managed to own a Vette since 1961. My first was a "60" Silver roadster with a liftoff top, a 3 speed with no heater or defroster. My next was a 67 "427" 400HP tri-power, 4 speed, dark metallic green, loaded Vette with black leather interior, "posi" air-conditioner, power brakes, steering and windows plus a white "racing stripe over the hood from the intake to the edge of the rear of the car. That was an awsome car for a young man, but at that time in my life I could barely afford to operate it and eventually took the tri-power manifold and carb off and installed a big 4 barrell set up. When I traded the 67 for the 70 I had to find a car my wife could drive, thus the automatic tranny car. I sure wish I had hung onto the 67 instead of the 70! In 83 I got an "84" which I kept till 86 when I traded for a new yellow Vette. I kerpt that one till 91 when I got my first bright Red Vette. Loved it! I thougt it might be the last as the prices kept creeping up, but I sat in an 01 and had to go for a drive! You know how that ended! I traded the 91 for the 01 which I still have along with the "70" which I hope to give to my son when he's old enough for it. He's only 40. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Jay R

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    Wow, sounds like you've owned some great Corvettes before!

    Welcome to VetteTube Jay.

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    Welcome aboard!

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