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    thanks for letting me be a part of a great bunch of vetters

    i have a 62, did a frame off in 98 she set in the garage and never drove it an one day i decided to start driving it, so its not as nice as it once was, but its still in great shape and i've had alot of fun in it these past years. hope to meet alot of great people here.i was hoping to find some info on my car as i think it might have been a factory built drag car, i was reserchoing it back at the time of the frame off, but info is hard to find, kinda forgot about it until i seen the 63 lemans sell on e-bay for 226.000, anybody see that, if not check it out, 1 of 6 factory built drag cars, looking at it i see alot of things on that car that mine also has, like the pont rearend that looks like a factory job its so neat, ever with parking brake cable, and the long special looking traction bars, dates of about the same, double frame stamping, gears of 5.47 with the date code of around 62 on them, 1300 and some miles on the speedo, so tight and clean, all chrome original, and great shape and it came from a guy that managed a chevy dealership back around 1980, i think it was red originaly, kindaof a black when we got it and had button tuck seats and door panels, fairly low production number, about like the tempest, if any of this rings a bell to anyone please drop me an e-mail, don't want to sell but would be neat to really find the missing link to this car, i was told it sported an all aluminum small block at one time, glad to meet everyone i am from missouri and my name is jimmy

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    Hi Jimmy.

    Welcome to VetteTube!

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