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Thread: Howdy friends

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    Howdy friends

    I don't have one of the super fast Vettes. I bought an 81 that i fell in love with the looks while the guy was washing it. I have the 81 the year they made them all the same. I love the car though and it's a blast to drive as i think all four speed Vettes are.
    I'm getting up in age and retired do to a real bad back. I have my Vette and my beautiful Golden Retrievers and they are my co-pilots because the wife won't get in it because of claustrophobia. They don't argue or tell me i'm going to fast. Girls wave allot but i think they're waving at the co-pilots.
    I sold my perfect 82 black Silverado and a very very nice 84 Z28, (A poor mans Vette) and a $3,000 Browning shotgun.
    The Vette is 10 times more fun to drive than the Z, but the Z was an excellent car and pretty fast for a 305. I miss my Silverado that i bought new.
    I don't miss the 8-10 miles per gallon though. It was a beauty though. If it got 20MPG i would have kept it even though it had 170,000 miles but ran like new.
    I have a lil of this and a lil of that to get the Vette perfect. It has a few paint flaws but still looks awesome from two feet away. It runs like new but a few interior missing knobs that I'll get from Ecklers. Everything works and I'll keep it till my Grandson graduates from college. He's a good boy and he'll take good care of it
    I'm definitely a Vette man now and I'll keep this beauty as stock as possible except some MagnaFlow exhaust ,chrome tips and a few chrome engine parts.
    If the motor ever takes a crap I'll have the 350 built to the highest HP i can so it will pass California smog.
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