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    Lawson Mo,

    Hello from the mighty Mo.

    Hey everone,I just stumbled on here and it looks to be a very cool site.
    Alot of you know me from other sites and my vette Hammerhead.
    For those who don't I live just north of KC in Lawson Mo.
    My vette is a modified 1971 vette ragtop on C-4 suspension.Currently undergoing another engine swap from a twin turbocharged 355 sbc to a twin turbocharged 6.0 Ls motor.I hope to have it back up by spring.
    I look forward to meeting some new fellow vetters and seeing some new rides.

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    Welcome to VetteTube!

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    Mar 2009
    Hello, Just resigned up myself. Those LS motors are hot, and with those turbos, oh my.

    I live between St. Louis and KC. My vette is a 74 with a 454. It is all number matching except the suspension which has the Ecklers Stage V kit with the Stage I steering kit in the front. Also tubular A-arms and trailer arms. I hesistated to do this but some of it was in poor shape as the bushings were worn out and it wouldn't hold alignment for a long time apparently. 20 years and 20000 miles ago it had a valve job and the mechanic put a crack in one of the exhaust manifolds, and the exhaust pipes had the bolts welded onto the manifolds, so it is getting headers also. Up on jacks now, running soon.

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