Corvette Homecoming Heads to Bowling Green

Posted: 5:51 PM Jul 15, 2008
Last Updated: 7:22 PM Jul 15, 2008
Reporter: Kirk Butts
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The Annual Corvette Homecoming is rumbling into town and it's bringing more than just classic cars to Bowling Green.

The event is held each year to celebrate the country's only production sports car, the Corvette.

Due to the recent downshift in the economy, the 27th Annual Homecoming will have a much-needed impact at the local level.

Tourism officials say they hope to see event-goers cruise the number of festivals going on around the community.

"We hope that we see a lot of these attendees for the Corvette Homecoming and the Big Cruise getting out to Lost River Cave, and everywhere in between," said Marissa Bulter, Public Relations Director.

The event takes place on July 18-20 at the Sloan Convention Center in Bowling Green and features a parade, live music, raffles and different judged competitions.