Lance Miller Announced as Carlisle Events Co-Owner

Miller Follows in his Father’s Footsteps to Make Two Family Dreams Reality

CARLISLE, PA – Lance Miller recently became Co-owner of Carlisle Events, one of the world’s largest presenters of car, truck and motorcycle events. Lance Miller, who has served as Senior Manager of Carlisle Events since 2007, is fulfilling a life-time dream of his father’s, the late Chip Miller, by taking on the position.

“Not only was it a dream of my father, but it was a dream of mine to become Co-owner of Carlisle Events someday,” said Miller during the announcement. “Fortunately for me, dreams do come true. Bill Miller III and I have been working diligently to ensure our team is stronger than ever during these tough economic times. With all of the great changes coming into play and the strongest and most talented team we’ve ever had, we’re more excited than ever about the prospects of Carlisle Events becoming even bigger and better as we move forward. As my father would often say… ‘Life is good’”

Chip Miller, who passed away in 2004 from the little known disease amyloidosis, along with Bill Miller Jr., co-founded Carlisle Events in 1974. The two Millers were not related but rather good friends that shared the same last name and passion for the collector car hobby. Bill Miller, Jr. also plans to make the same transition of ownership to his son, Bill Miller III. Bill III has served alongside Lance as Senior Manager for the past three years. When asked about the recent changes, Bill Miller Jr. commented, “I couldn’t be happier that Lance and my son Bill III are as excited about the business as Chip and I were, when we started the company 36 years ago.” Miller Continued, “It is certainly exciting to see that even in tough economic times, Carlisle Events can be a strong business and continue to grow and evolve when so many other companies are faltering.”

Lance Miller’s mother Judy Miller expressed similar sentiments “I feel this transition is something that, if Chip would have survived, would have been a natural progression. Ultimately it was one of Chip’s goals and I’m happy to see it follow through.”

With the goal and dream of Lance becoming Co-Owner of Carlisle Events accomplished, one more dream of Chip’s on Lance’s radar is to take the #3 Cunningham Corvette racecar, owned by the Miller family, to France for the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race. The trip will be a pilgrimage for the car which was the first ever Corvette to win its class at the legendary endurance race in 1960. Miller will bring the car to the race to celebrate the anniversary of the victory and to also promote the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation. The foundation was formed to help spread awareness of amyloidosis, and raise money for educational and research purposes. If Chip Miller and his doctors were aware of the symptoms of amyloidosis when they first presented, Chip Miller might still be alive today.