Corvette Plant Looks to Add New Sports Cars

Posted: 7:28 PM Oct 1, 2007
Last Updated: 4:24 PM Oct 2, 2007
Reporter: Forrest Sanders
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It's been less than a week since Corvette plant employees headed back to work after a nationwide United Auto Workers strike.

Now, even more big changes could be happening at the plant. Two new sports cars could be added to the Corvette plant production line by 2012, and UAW officials say they're optimistic about their arrival.

You've seen them from the roads. And while the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky are two pricey models, they may soon be produced in Bowling Green.

A tentative contract agreement could result in General Motors moving production of these models from Wilmington, Delaware to the Corvette plant.

And according to UAW officials, that would mean a big boost for the local economy.

"It's to guarantee job security," assured Eldon Renaud, local UAW president.
"It's fantastic news for us and for Bowling Green," he added.

Renaud isn't sure how many jobs the new models could bring, but he said he's positive that the Corvette isn't going anywhere.

"We don't know anything about the Corvette leaving. In fact, we work every day to try to secure the future of these cars. The contract actually says that the Corvette and Cadillac XLR will continue to be built in Bowling Green after this particular model," Renaud explained.

The Corvette has proven its longevity, something that the trendy Sky and Solstace have yet to prove. Renaud said that's not a concern.

"We're happy to build these niche cars, the Solstace and Sky. They couldn't build enough to meet demand out there. I'm confident they'll be out for numerous years," Renaud said.

And now, all that's left before the vehicles can be brought to Kentucky, is for UAW membership to vote, and pass the contract.

"Now we're not only able to protect our jobs, but we'll be able to protect future jobs for our people," Renaud added.

Voting on the contract is set to be finished by Oct. 4. UAW will know if the national agreement passes by Oct. 7.