Champion of the Corvette, Feted in the Land He Left

Published: June 22, 2012
New York Times

FOR the most part, the objects in the display cases may be found in the den of any Corvette fan — models, books, vintage photos. One possible exception: on a lower shelf sits a copy of a memo, written in 1953 by a recently hired General Motors engineer.

The three-page document, “Thoughts Pertaining to Youth, Hot Rodding and Chevrolet,” is considered by many to be the foundation of the brand’s longstanding pursuit of high performance. It is familiar to enthusiasts, and a bit of G.M. scripture I have seen many times in my work as an editor and author.

But the difference last month was the setting. The pages, and the memorabilia, were not enshrined in a car museum or locked in a corporate archive, but part of an exhibition at the Alexander Solzhenitsyn Center for Russian Émigrés here, about two miles from Red Square. The show runs through June 29.

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