Ruthless Pursuit of Power: 2008 Edition: Our In-Depth Look at the 2008 Corvette LS3 Engine

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I turned left on I-65-north on-ramp, then buried the gas.

First: exhilaration

In seconds, I was near the top of third gear, watching traffic fly backwards when I lifted. This twenty-oh-eight, six-speed–new LS3 under the hood and optional "NPP" exhaust out back–was a freakin' rocket ship.

Then: despair.

I realized that now, my '04 Z06, good old "3Balls39", can't even keep up with a base C6. The new engine–6.2-liters, 436hp@5900 rpm–makes the standard Corvette about half-a-tenth quicker than the most aggressive Vette of just 48 months ago.

"This sucks!" I blurted.

The GM guy with me almost got a word out.

"Dude!" I cut him off. "The motor's awesome! What sucks is that it took you guys only four years to make a base car quicker than my 110-lbs. lighter C5Z."
Hib Halverson takes an in-depth look at the 2008 Corvette's LS3 engine and interviews John Rydzewski, Assistant Chief Engineer for Small-Block Passenger Car Engines, Design Responsibility Engineer (DRE) for Small-Block Cylinder Heads, Lou Oniga, and GMPT's Executive Director for Engine Engineering, Sam Winegarden.

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