Auto transport driver allegedly joy rides in customer's Corvette

The Journal - Pearland

A Florida trucker transporting a trailer loaded with cars is facing criminal charges after he allegedly took an expensive sports car for a joy ride during a two-day layover in Pearland.

The fun ended around 9:15 p.m. on New Yearís Day when Pearland Police pulled a car over for a traffic violation and discovered the driverís name wasnít listed on the vehicle registration, officials said. The driver, 49-year-old Ronald Francis Kelly of Sebring, Fla, told police he was a driver for an auto transport company on a 2-day layover waiting to pick up additional vehicles headed for Florida.

The suspect reportedly also told officers he had parked his truck at the west side Walmart and took down a 2011 Corvette from the trailer. Kelly claimed he was allowed to use the corvette and had driven the car to pick up his girlfriend and just taken her out to dinner.

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