Falling in love with cool cars

Things to consider before investing in a classic

Written by Lisa Miller
CentralOhio.com correspondent

Dan Singer stands next to his 2008 Cooksey edition Corvette at his home near Rushville. Singer is one of the founders
of the Corvettes of Lancaster club. The car, while not one Singer's classic Corvettes, is one of only 505 built. Singer has
been collecting Corvettes since the 1970's and is one of the original members of Corvettes of Lancaster. / Matthew Berry/CentralOhio.com

Thatís how many Corvettes Dan Singer owns. One of the original members when Corvettes of Lancaster was founded in 1973, he dropped out of the club for a time when his children were growing up but is again among its 75 members.

Rick Kalb has two classic cars, a 1964 Ford Galaxy 500 and a í66 Fairlane 500 Convertible. Thatís still more cars than he has room for at his rural Bucyrus home, so one is stored a few miles down the road.

Shiny chrome, big fins and rumble seats sound like they might be your thing? If that gleam in your eye comes from thinking of getting your own classic car, enthusiasts have advice on how to find the right vehicle, take care of it, and head out to your first show.

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